First Batch Release

So after finding out that Wakabayashi’s 4-koma Collection actually got serialized as “Tsurezure Children” in Bessatsu and Weekly Shounen Magazine, I wanted to pick it up instantly.

And here we are. The chapters from the monthly issues 2014-12, 2015-03, and two chapters from 2015-04.

We’re working with public raws, and we’re just a two-man team at the moment. Usually we just work on the script side of scanlation, so redrawing and typesetting are kinda new to me. It’s by no means perfect, but it’s definitely readable.

There are still some monthly chapters in the pipeline, and after that it’s nothing but weekly chapters. Currently we need to catch up with 2014-09, 2014-10, 2014-11 for the monthly. As for the weekly chapters, there’s a lot to do; issues 2015-20 > 2015-33. We’ll try to get them out as fast as possible.

Enjoy these first three four chapters.

DL: Here

First Batch Release

7 thoughts on “First Batch Release

  1. David says:

    I really appreciate your hard work. Reading manga brings me so much happiness and i am able to do it thanks to you. Even though i recently began to learn japanese i am no near able to read manga… yet but i won’t give up! Anyway thanks


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