Nisekoi 198



Nisekoi 198

19 thoughts on “Nisekoi 198

  1. Thanks for picking this up, as it looks like Mangaconda was short lived (at least their site is no longer available). Will you be picking up any more of their projects, like Fuuka?


  2. AM272b says:

    Thanks for picking Nisekoi up. I was worried that we’d be stuck with low quality Korrian scans and distracting “Chitogefags/Onoderafags on suicidewatch” T/N notes for the rest of the series.


  3. Thank you very much for picking this up… I can only speak for myself with surety, but I think a lot of us are deeply grateful that you’ve chosen to keep working to make sure that we can keep reading the best quality possible.

    I’m really curious to find out what wording you’ll use for 199. I don’t think anyone but a genuine loony would deliberately substitute false wording into a scanlation… but if there’s doubt about the nuances (and there almost always is) between choices A and B, I could easily see someone who wants to believe choice B using that wording even if choice A is more plausible.


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