Nisekoi 203

Sorry about the delay (again), our cleaner was without internet for a few days.


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Nisekoi 203

13 thoughts on “Nisekoi 203

  1. psicomenace says:

    WoW, the notification of this new entry has not yet reached my mail, I was just checking the comments on the last chapter and bam here it is, well thank you very much for this new chaper.


  2. mgmg says:

    Ugh, I can’t download the file because I’m using a phone (i Don’t have a PC).

    Can’t you upload the file on some other site? Mega dosen’t support phone browsers. T_T


    1. urrim says:

      I’m afraid not, I used mediafire in the past and they removed my links. I’m not gonna keep updating dead links, sorry.

      There is, however, an imgur album on reddit.


      1. Fill says:

        Ever since the imgur update the site, I can’t view all images of any imgur album. Some options are not showing up. Clicking the “mobile” or “original” isn’t helping either.

        Hey, how about creating mirror links for all of your upcoming releases? That way we could download the file without any trouble.


    2. IceFox says:

      If you are on Android, get an app that allows you to download from Mega links. Just search Mega in the Play store. I’m not sure if there are equivalent IOS apps.


    3. Equa' says:

      What’s the OS of your phone? Mega works fine on Android and iOS but you must first download and install the application on iTunes or Google Store.


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