Nisekoi 211

Oh shit


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Nisekoi 211

18 thoughts on “Nisekoi 211

  1. Gagan says:

    You Really sure it was translated right.. “Like instead of Love”.. It would have been much better to if she had said love ..Awww.. Shit got real..
    Hehe.. Kosaki won My Heart.. #TEAM KOSAKI


  2. EllaAlden says:

    Shit whyyyyyy if raku ends up with Onodera I Am going to hit someone…… Pleaseeeee RakuxChitoge for ever….. #teamchitoge Can’t wait for the next one! Thanks for your hard work!!


  3. psicomenace says:

    Finally is here, I think the path for the manga is fairly easy to see right now but anyway I can’t help but get really exited for the next developments, I can’t wait for the next chapters and unavoidable and wonderful Chitoge-wins ending (with the respective Tsugumi as mistress part), really thank you very much for all your hard work…


  4. J says:

    Just how many people in japan dropped nisekoi for this kind of unusual poll ranking to happen? IIRC weekly rankings for nisekoi have been low for a while now.


  5. Could you upload a higher res version of this chapter? I love a particular part of this manga that I dont want to mention to avoid spoils lol


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