Nisekoi 214

The saga continues


Nisekoi 214

21 thoughts on “Nisekoi 214

      1. Comment says:

        So this site requires you make an account just to download the chapters? I sense a trap.

        It’d be much better if Arimareiji uploads the chapters on a good file hosting site.


      2. @Comment:

        All you need is an email address and user name. It’s not like they ask you for any personal information. Unless it’s changed since I signed up, it’s really not a big deal. I’ve been using them for a couple of years now, and never had an issue with them.

        You can always use Manga Traders instead, but they require an account to download as well, if I remember rightly.

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      3. arimareiji says:

        Thank you very much for the info, Geese1 – and my apologies to the rest that I spaced out on this until now.

        If someone else has all of them available already, I’m glad. I can understand not wanting to create accounts just because a site says so… but in this case that applies to me as well, since the last uploading account I created was with Megaupload (before the USDOJ got bribed to take an interest in the matter).


  1. Indeed, thank you for the new chapter. (^_^)

    I still think Chitoge ending was pretty much guaranteed from the moment she left, but maybe there’s hope for a threesome after all. (^_~)


  2. psicomenace says:

    Wonderful, thank you very much for one chapter more.
    BTW, anybody knows if there has been any kind of announcement about how many chapters left before the end?


  3. Just to let you know says:

    No need to approve this comment, but please at least read it.

    I think allowing the low quality korean-to-english speedscans is a bad idea. Of course, most of the redditards are so impatient that they won’t vaule quality. And honestly, I don’t think the tsurezureNisekoi download links will last long. They’ll eventually get removed because of DMCA. Since batoto, won’t allow nisekoi uploads, all we’d have left are the pirate manga sites.

    But if you allow those korean speedscans, most manga site would pick those bad speedscans up instead of your scans. It happened before, and it’s happening again!

    See what I mean? And by the way, a voting system won’t help since majority of the r/Nisekoi redditurds are so impatient that they’d eat up whatever is fed to them. In the end, most votes will say “+yes” to poll and soon us readers will find nothing but those lq korean-to-eng speedscan on every manga site. I honestly think the r/nisekoi should only allow TEXT SPOILERS instead of those bad speedscans. I can tell that the Stepepper guy is only seeking glory by making those 5-mins-per-page speedscans.


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