Nisekoi 215

Golden Week next week, so next chapter. Kinda sucks, but eh.


Nisekoi 215

14 thoughts on “Nisekoi 215

  1. Bir ben says:

    Thank you for your release. I also think this arc getting sucks, because i am onodera fan. Actually i am haru’s fan, but she eliminated from the contest :D. By the way, you can find early raws from…. if you interested. Thanks again…


  2. Hey I’d like to join and help out your scan and translate group of possible. I cannot read/write Japanese but I am very good with Photoshop and should be able to redraw text and make it look nice and pretty. Send me an email if you’re interested!



  3. N says:

    Frigging Golden week delayed this week’s chapter. 😦

    I hope those lame reddit scans won’t get uploaded on other manga sites.


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