Nisekoi 216

Took some time, but here it finally is.


Nisekoi 216

14 thoughts on “Nisekoi 216

  1. przemoc says:

    Thanks for new Nisekoi chapter!

    “Zawsze w miłości” is correct, but unnatural phrase. Better alternatives are: “wieczna miłość” (eternal love), “miłość na zawsze” (love forever), “miłość po wsze czasy” (love for eternity).

    But if you’d like to tell about people in love (my Nihongo is non-existent, so I’m not sure whether it’s what Komi wanted to convey here), then you’d write “zakochani” (people in love) and whole phrase would be: “wiecznie zakochani” (forever in love [plural]).

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  2. H says:

    It looks like sticking the spoiler threads wasn’t a good idea after all. This /u/steeper guy is again distributing his terrible speedscans on various manga sites through the sticky spoiler thread all over again.

    If this keep happening, I’m afraid your hard work will just go to waste.

    I suggest you delete every single posts from sticky threads that contains speedscans link. Last time I check the sticky 217 spoiler thread, the u/steeper’s speedscans post was the top post in that thread.


    1. urrim says:

      Believe me, I would like for nothing more, but people have voted and it was a clear division (75% for, 25% against) to keep the speedscans.


    2. AM272b says:

      Mangapanda uploads the chapter first, then rest of the manga sites follows suit. It’s a shame, really.

      You know, It’s times like these I wish BATOTO still allowed Nisekoi scanlations…


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