Nisekoi 221

And there’s the truth


Nisekoi 221

15 thoughts on “Nisekoi 221

  1. N/A says:

    Thanks a bunch! Can’t wait for the next chapter. BTW when is it going to be out??? I can’t!!!! I NEED TO KNOW THE ENDING!!!!


  2. ANON says:

    HI! Thank you for the new translatioN! Just quick question. When will the next one be out? SORRY I JUST REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT!


    1. lvl5de4th says:

      New chapter is released weekly, unless something comes up. So just be patient, my friend. i think everyone wants to know too 🙂


  3. Westquester says:

    rrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggeeeeeeeeee! 222! HURRY UP AND COME OUT! DAMMIT, BE FRIDAY ALREADY! I don’t know that my heart can take a few more weeks


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