Nisekoi 223

More and more sub-plots are being wrapped up.


Nisekoi 223

11 thoughts on “Nisekoi 223

  1. przemoc says:

    Thanks for another chapter! Seishirou’s making whooping blast, while Ruri’s dropping nuclear bomb…

    Arrival is soon, but the ride is still fun, even if it’s predictable, so let’s enjoy it till the very end!

    It seems that Marika’s helicopter is painfully and inexplicably slow, though. It should have left the area long time ago. (Sorry, couldn’t resist to point that out…)


  2. Hey tsurezure, thank you for all the nisekoi scans! Because youre on it, can you please pick up “gokicha!!”? Its a great monthly manga that just lost its group. Please!


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