Nisekoi 228

One more chapter left

I can’t do this ;_;


Nisekoi 228

11 thoughts on “Nisekoi 228

  1. Anon says:

    >tfw it actually makes me sad to see it end

    I’m glad Chitoge won and all but it’s sad to let it go after so many years, I feel you Irru.


  2. lvl5de4th says:

    already? i was hoping for more chapters for some good closure.
    for me, the pace is kinda rushed .
    anyways, thanks for the chapter 🙂


  3. WiseKouichi says:

    hmm…cliché epilogue, huh…I’m a big fan of nisekoi but the whole thing about “the pair getting together but then physically splitting up because of their future aspirations and then getting back together after having a foothold in society” has been done multiple times alrdy.


  4. asu says:

    Hey just curious are you guys going to put up a batch of your nisekoi releases? I was going back to the previous ones but they aren’t available for download. Anyway great work and I’m looking forward to the final chapter!


  5. Dominic says:

    Are you going to upload the last chapter even though those scummy mangastream folks snuck it in? I feel like that was a shitty thing to do so I’m not reading there’s… Unless you actually don’t upload it


  6. Tachibanana says:

    Thank you for this chatper ! I hope you’re still going to release the next one despite ms shitting over the raws and calling it translated


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