Nisekoi 229 [END]

TLDR: Goodbye. DDL.

Well, here it is. Nisekoi’s final chapter, unless there’s going to be an epilogue chapter in Volume 25.

I’ve actively worked on this series since chapter 85, which was released August 1st, 2013. I did some chapters before that date, but that date was the day that Nisekoi became my series. Or really, I should say that it became our series. Of course, when I say that, I’m talking about my partner in crime who has also written up quite a lengthy post to say goodbye.

Luckily, I’m not as good a writer as he is, so I’ll just make this short.

I want to thank everyone that stuck with us for these past three years, doesn’t matter if you’re from 4chan, reddit, or tumblr. Of course, I also want to thank all the other people I’ve worked with back at RHS, Mangaconda, and of course Tsurezure Scans.

Oh, and I guess I’ll have to thank this guy as well.

The madman.

As for the future, there are several things Triplicate and I are planning to do / already doing:

  • Nantsu no Taizai with Jaimini’s Box Scans
  • Tsurezure Children. With the end of Nisekoi we’ll be going back to doing volume releases of Tsurezure Children. The staff that worked on Nisekoi decided to not pick up a new series, so it’s just me and Triplicate that will work on this series. I’m just a PR, and Triplicate’s just a TL, so we really lack the time and ability to clean/redraw/typeset weekly chapters on our own. With volume releases, we can work at our own pace.
  • Komi’s next series. As you might have read / will read on the final page, Komi will have a new series in Jump GIGA in October. No one knows if that’s gonna be a one-shot or a full series, but unless it’s a – and I quote Triplicate – yaoi battle shounen, we will most likely pick it up.
  • There are two other low-profile series we’re working on, which I’ll keep a secret for now. They’re nothing big, so you’ll find out eventually what it is.

And now, for the – most likely – final time.

Here it is.


Be free, my child.

P.S. Fuck Mangastream

Nisekoi 229 [END]

26 thoughts on “Nisekoi 229 [END]

  1. Creator says:

    Thank you very much for seeing it through the end. Even though I wasn’t on the winning ship, it will be missed.
    Thanks guys for all your work and thanks to Komi-sensei for making a fun series.


  2. Ric says:

    It’s nice that this series had consistently high quality releases all the way to the end. Thanks to everyone to worked on Nisekoi for your hard work.


  3. lvl5de4th says:

    Thank you for all your dedication and hard work towards this series.
    Been here since RHS and I am your fan of your work ,all the way until the end.
    Good luck with your future endeavors. Ill be rooting for you 🙂

    Oh yeah, and fuck Mangastream


  4. psicomenace says:

    Really, really thank you very much for the wonderful work you have done over all this long time, you have been a fundamental part to the continued enjoyment of this manga.


  5. Topomouse says:

    Congratulations on completing the series! Thank you very much for your hard work in getting us Nisekoi till the end. It was a good series even if i rooted for Onodera…


  6. 7godeohs says:

    Thank you for all your wonderful and hard work on this series.

    Also. are you planning to release a batch file with all the chapters?


  7. king65 says:

    Thank you for all the work. Thank you for completing this series. Thank you for everything.
    P.S. Y-san from Chiba Prefecture has a happy ending too. (Maybe?)


  8. Haru Best Girl says:

    Thank you for translating and scanning the manga up this far. I hope Raku gets to marry Haru in the end. Can’t wait for your next projects.


  9. menpe says:

    I read Nisekoi here since the ancient times so I just wanna thank you for everything. Your work, the dedication, the loyalty to the series after the RHS breakdown. Without your releases the actual enjoyment would have been much lower. I am happy to see your future plans and I will follow you in the future for sure. Cheers from Hungary!


  10. narengoku says:

    Thank you so much for seeing Nisekoi till the end!!!
    You picked the series after the RHS crisis, so yea fuck mangastream!!!

    Thanks a lot once again guys!!!


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