New Project: Hatsukoi 1/1 VN Translation – Prologue Patch

Hey there, it’s been a while since I’ve updated this. We’ve not been totally dead however. We’re still working on Nanatsu no Taizai with Jaimini’s Box.

Tsurezure Children is something we gave up on, seeing how we simply did not have the time and motivation for the redraws each and every week. However, the weekly threads on /a/ take care of it, and it’s in good hands.

Now; as you might have seen in the title, we’ve decided to go ahead and translate a visual novel. It was something both Triplicate and I wanted to do for a while, we just couldn’t find the good VN to do so.

We’re aware that someone was already working on translating this specific visual novel, but the person in question has not made any updates since February ’15, so we assumed his project has died.

The girls in this VN looked cute enough to spend at least some time in translating it. We decided to do the prologue first, and then see if the girls and the story interested us both enough to continue to do the entire VN. If you want an overview/summary of the VN; here’s the VNDB link.

What we didn’t expect however, was that this VN uses the MC’s cellphone to send and receive a shitload of texts. The cellphone itself is also usable by the player, and so we had to translate every bit of user interface of the phone. Was a bit of a challenge but we’ve solved it quite elegantly.

Self-installing patch: Here – Just run the exe and point to the Hatsukoi folder; then run Launcher.exe

If you don’t like downloading and running random exes from the internet, here’s the ‘old way’ of patching.

Old-school extraction patch: Here – Just extract everything in the Hatsukoi root folder, then run Launcher.exe

If you come across any typos or bugs, let us know by commenting below. We hopefully will make an update post bi-weekly (no, not twice a week) with the translation progress. As of yet, we’re still unsure if we’ll release a patch every time we complete a girl’s route. We don’t want to become the next Miyako route TL: 85%.

That’s all for now, if you have any questions, just ask them here or PM me on reddit. Usernames are Irru/Tanagrine.

New Project: Hatsukoi 1/1 VN Translation – Prologue Patch

22 thoughts on “New Project: Hatsukoi 1/1 VN Translation – Prologue Patch

  1. 冰封夕阳 says:

    Any reason you decided to translate the weakest of the 3 tone work’s games? I played all of them and I can tell you the other 2 are leagues better than this.


    1. urrim says:

      To quote Triplicate:

      I originally found the Tone Work’s VNs through Hoshi Ori, but we figured that it’d be a good idea to test the waters of VN translation by doing the one that had the lowest total average read time, since we’ve never done this before.


      1. IS says:

        Very excited to see something going for “pure love story” VNs (as vndb says) and especially for tone work’s games. But I totally agree with 冰封夕阳 – other games from tone is just waaaaay better. And one of the reason is protagonist. It’s strange to say that protagonist can make a show or ruin it about romance VN, but Yuuma is that bad.
        And actually going to translate the game that you didn’t read is quite original way to start)
        Anyway, complete you this translation or not, hope you would enjoy working and reading this VN.


  2. F. says:

    Thanks for your effort! I was interested on playing this VN since it came out, as I like simple moege/charage like these and Iizuki Tasuku’s art is amazing. Keep up the good job!!


  3. Kei-tr says:

    I heard protagonist of this one quite hetare that’s probably why this vn weakest of 3 games. Anyway do you thinking about translating “Additional Scenario Yukino “after” Promise Winter” too?


    1. urrim says:

      Yeah the protag is pretty stupid, but it’s not too bad so far. And who knows, we might do it if we feel like it. We actually have no clue how long it is.


  4. At the park when Yuuma and Yukino are reminiscing about the past and playing with the basketball.
    [Why not? Just show me ooonce?] typo (once)

    Also I find the text in the backlog hard to read, White text is really hard to make out from the notebook background. (Tho I have no suggestions for this)


    1. urrim says:

      The ‘oooonce’ isn’t a typo, Yukino stretches a word in Japanese as well.

      As for the Backlog, if you go to Settings > Text Settings > Detail (I think it is) you can enable Shadow. That makes it a lot easier to read.


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