Hatsukoi 1/1 Progress Update #5 + Announcement

Big milestone was reached this week. We’ve finished the common route entirely. Not only that, but we’ve made significant progress in the Midori route as well.

Prologue: 100.0%
Common: 100.0%
Midori: 55.05%
Yukino: 0.0%
Runa: 0.0%
Kyou: 0.0%
Maya: 0.0%
Total: 25.01%

On top of that we’ve now reached 25% of the entire novel. So progress is going smoothly if I do say so myself.

Now for the announcement; we’ve decided to release a partial patch once we are finished with Midori’s route. However, because this VN is written in a “modular” fashion, the end of the common route is intertwined with the start of every girl’s route. That means, should you start any other route than Midori’s, you’ll probably run into some Japanese parts that are exclusive to their routes, while the common route parts will be fully translated.

If you’re worried you’re gonna inadvertently start the wrong route, don’t be. The choices in this VN are very easy, and it should be very clear what or what not to pick. On top of that, we’ll be including a mini walkthrough with the partial and complete patch.

That’s it for this week, catch you on the flip side.

PS: Be sure to follow us on our twitter for more smaller updates

Hatsukoi 1/1 Progress Update #5 + Announcement

13 thoughts on “Hatsukoi 1/1 Progress Update #5 + Announcement

  1. Natsume02 says:

    Wow, thanks and congrats. You really made a lot of progress so little time.
    Really 30% of the common route + 55.5% of a heroine route in two weeks? That’s so quick.
    I don’t usually follow VN’s translations so I don’t really know much about it but I’m pretty sure you’re one of the quickest team out there.

    Also your idea of releasing a patch when a heroine’s route is fully translated is excellent. It’s better so that people can enjoy one route when you translate another.

    Once again, THANK YOU!

    I’m just asking, do you have any idea of how long it’ll take you to release Midori’s route?
    Don’t need to be a precise ETA.


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