Hatsukoi 1/1 Progress Update #9

It’s time for another weekly update.

This week marks the second week we’ve been working on the Runa route. Both Triplicate and I are enjoying this route a lot more than Midori’s.

Normally I don’t include the line count, but I’ll include just a bit of it this time. As usual, bolded lines are updates.

Prologue: 100.0%
Common: 100.0%
Midori: 100.0%
Yukino (Total Lines – 21229): 0.0%
Runa (Translated Lines – 22706.0): 65.64%
Kyou: 0.0%
Maya: 0.0%
Total: 44.98%

You might have noticed that the translated line count for Runa already exceeds the total line count for Yukino. That would basically mean that we’re able to TL the entire Yukino route in two weeks if we can continue this pace.

We’ve also pretty much decided on the order for the remaining routes, which we will disclose when we release Runa’s patch.

We’re going to aim to finish translating Runa’s route this week. We might not make 100% by Sunday, but we’ll surely be trying to reach it. The week after that should be release week(end).

If we can do that, that means we’ve completed the longest route in a month, which would kinda mean we can aim for a patch a month. A rough calculation based on that would put the full patch release around June.

Then again, we might finish Yukino in two weeks, so who knows. The least I can say is that the full patch will probably don’t come later than June. Of course, this does not take into account any unexpected situations.


Anyhow, that’s all for me this week. See you next time.

Hatsukoi 1/1 Progress Update #9

5 thoughts on “Hatsukoi 1/1 Progress Update #9

  1. Megalo-dono says:

    first, good work as always, second, doesn´t matter if the whole thing comes out in june, or by this year´s end. all that matters is you both not burning out mentally and having a blast whilst working on said title. anyway best of luck & keep going!


  2. Serprine says:

    I can understand why you enjoying Runa (my second favourite) route more than Midori’s. I’m wishing for my favourite route to be translated next.


  3. giraffe says:

    I really enjoyed Midori’s route. I look forward to playing the other routes as well. Thanks very much for your efforts. 🙂


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