Hatsukoi 1/1 Progress Update #14

Once again, there’s not a lot to be said this week. Progress is going smoothly and that’s really all there’s to it.

Prologue: 100.0%
Common: 100.0%
Midori: 100.0%
Yukino: 0.0%
Runa: 100.0%
Kyou: 100.0%
Maya: 90.08%
Total: 84.97%

I hope we can release next weekend but due to a busy schedule on my part we might not make it.

That’s all for me for this time, see you next week (with a patch, hopefully).

Hatsukoi 1/1 Progress Update #14

24 thoughts on “Hatsukoi 1/1 Progress Update #14

  1. kotowaru says:

    “Even though I’m trying so hard to sing, Tokizaki’s clutching her stomatch laughing”
    Small typo. Thanks for your hard work!


  2. Just started reading it 30 mins ago. Your pace is seriously impressive.

    It looks good so far, but reading the “read text-log” is kind of hard on my eyes because of the white text on white background.
    Also wondering why you’re using Western name order instead of Japanese. Just sounds a little weird especially since you’re using honorifics in the translation. Anyway, thanks for translating this!


  3. Thyr says:


    I wonder, is it common to use words like “give me a start” instead of flinch or something other when Katagiri says that he got surprised about being called by Midori.
    or is it common to use word tardy instead of being late?

    Some words in your translation feel unusual or even strange in some sentences ;/

    or using jerk instead of meanie or bully


    1. Pissbot says:

      Haven’t seen the lines in context yet (waiting until the complete patch before I start playing) but those expressions all sound fairly normal to me.


  4. G-chan says:

    For what’s it’s worth, I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work, and the fast updates (and your interaction with the comments). I’m looking forward to Maya’s route as well as your next project. Keep it up!


      1. urrim says:

        Heya, the “districks” was intentional, yes. The other typo wasn’t, of course.

        It’s fixed now, thanks.


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