Tsujidou-san no Jun’ai Road Update #4 (Common Route First Part Patch)

No point in me posting progress, cause there hasn’t been anything new translated.

Instead, here’s the first part of the common route.

Download here. Just extract the contents of the 7z into the Tsujidou root folder.

It has come to our attention that there are some issues with the patch. For one, on higher resolution the main menu is not translated. Please download this and extract it to the root Tsujidou folder. That should fix it.

People have also reported that they couldn’t get the game to work. Please download this and follow the steps in the README.txt.

If you run into any other issues, please let us know.

Here’s the Config Menu translation.

Just like I said last week, this patch’s purpose is partly to see how people react to the story/characters, and partly to get feedback on how we’ve chosen to translate the way of speaking, quirks, habits, accents, etc.

If you have any feedback, be it positive or negative, please let us know here on our blog.

We’re aware there’s an issue with the ending skits not display correctly when you quit the game. They’re displayed correctly if you go to the Skit Mode in the Extra menu however.

As for now, please enjoy the first part of the common route.

Tsujidou-san no Jun’ai Road Update #4 (Common Route First Part Patch)

63 thoughts on “Tsujidou-san no Jun’ai Road Update #4 (Common Route First Part Patch)

  1. Necris says:

    Thanks for the patch, I only played few minutes, but there are a lot of issues with line breaking and spaces at the start of the line. You are going to fix it in the final version i hope? About translation style I have to read more to say my opinion, but anyway, you guys are doing great thing translating it for us. Thank you.


      1. urrim says:

        Wow that’s some weird shit. Neither Trip nor myself had those issues while running the game.

        What OS are you on?


  2. Thatguy says:

    I have a problem with the font size/text wrapping (as seen here http://imgur.com/a/dmuz8 )

    To note, I couldn’t get the game to work at first til I got a patch from the minato website (something about missing a .mdx file?), then got it working


      1. Thatguy says:

        Nevermind! Turns out loading a save game from the previous patch made my text gigantic. Started a new game and skipped forwards, and everything worked perfectly. Will read now, thanks.


  3. Thatguy says:

    Feedback: I don’t really know much Japanese, but I think the translations is pretty good and faithful. Haven’t really run into any significant typos I could see. Always love Minato’s stories, it’s always high octane, lighthearted fun, and Tsujidou is no different.

    Other than that, Maki best girl


  4. Necris says:

    OK, i finished first prologue part and here’s my feedback:
    Translation style is good and very clear. There were few words i never saw before (like deli for example) but after checking in dictionary there weren’t a problem anymore. Pick-me-up joke was hard to understand, but It’s probably hell to try to translate japanese jokes. It might be good idea to leave there a translator’s note explaining this joke. And I felt like sometimes in case of Tsujirou she speaks to formally comparing to what i hear (note that I don’t know Japanese, it’s only my weeb powers) like in the second visit to the flower shop.
    And here are the errors i found:


  5. pechS says:

    So, i read a bit from the VN and i really like it. Translation is very good too, the text felt in sync with the characters and scenes, but sadly i can’t read Japanese so i might be wrong. Anyway, thank you for doing this. Keep up the good work and, more importantly, have fun:)


  6. Anime_Fan says:

    Very nicely done. Can’t wait for the rest of the translation. Didn’t even know the “sister” was an option till I saw the route completion %’s, lol.


  7. cardragoon says:

    My game crashes when I try opening backlog on a loaded game. Same thing happens if i play for a while then scroll up backlog up to the point where it was loaded from. Not sure if it’s because of the patch or a problem with the game itself but maybe it’s something to look into?


  8. Guess the VN is true to its name says:

    Too many flags with Ai in the common route. Like really big flags. It feels like her route already. Makes me feel really bad if I choose another heroine, both towards Ai and the other heroine.


  9. DS says:

    Ahh I’ve just ended this patch and I still want more. The game is amazing and your translation is great too, I love slang the delinquents are using. I can’ wait for next update! Good luck and thank you for your work.


  10. Temp poster says:

    I don’t really like reading partial patch, so i won’t touch this, but i am really looking forward to when this is complete, hopefully this won’t turn out to be something like lot of delinquent manga where the girls are delinquent at the beginning, but quickly become normal after they meet the MC.


    1. urrim says:

      Try applying the 1.03 patch with the crack – so opening the crack and then dragging the game’s exe on it.

      After that, copy over the .dat files from our translation, but don’t do the dll/game exe.


      1. Deptioo says:

        Yeah I tried the. Got the game with translation working, but the same error popped up after a few lines. I think I’ll just wait until your guy’s next patch release. Thanks anyways, and good luck with the rest 🙂


  11. Gerry says:

    I love it already….I want to finish reading the rest! but I mustn’t!!! 😦
    Aside from what’s already mentioned, there’s little things like leaving out a “her” or “me” or a wrong letter every now and then, but that will probably get done once you run through a QC so I’m not too bothered by it. Very easy to read, and good at distracting me from my ennui. nui?


  12. Damiero says:

    I can’t speak to the accuracy of translation but as a reader the most important thing to me is the flow of the words and I think you’ve nailed that. If I can read the story and not be interrupted too often by basic mistakes in spelling, grammer, or words in an odd order, then I am happy. My only complaint is with the game itself surprisingly. Unless something changes drastically in the second part of the common route I don’t see how the other girls even have a chance with the mc without it seeming forced. For that reason alone I reallllllly hope that you translate Ai’s route first. Good luck guys and thanks for taking the time to translate.


      1. Zerael says:

        Erm, you sure?
        Previous update shows that they gonna go with Ai -> Renna -> Maki -> and then Saeko (sister)


      2. Zerael says:

        Could you tell what a reason behind this? Please, satisfy my curiosity.
        Obviously Saeko is a kinda bonus heroine and should be done last.
        Even if it’s just a subjective decision, but still, why would you placed Saeko in third place while Renna is last?


      3. Arkado says:

        Ai is the main girl so it makes sense to her first. Renna is the best girl and you always save the best for last.


      4. Zerael says:

        Strange, I heard Maki is the best girl, a lot of fans says that.
        Anyway, Maki didnt my type, so, I never completed her route.
        Though, I like Renna a bit, since she tsundere, and I like tsundere heroines 🙂
        But, I never completed her route, since Maki and Renna sound forced. And both didnt really pick my interest.
        So, the only route I did complete so far is Tsujidou, and her route was so good, that this eroge become my favorite instantly. And I was so happy when I learn that this eroge gonna be translated.
        Ai being a deredere, share some personality from tsunderes. (or may be she just short-tempered, not as much as Renna though.)
        I dont really like deredere types, since they always so annoying.
        But Ai exactly opposide. She just so fking cute 🙂
        And in some moments I just grinning like idiot while watching her.
        So, Ai is the best girl for me. You can even change her hair colour to black since its was her original color, and its will give additional emotional impact in some dramatic moment latter.

        Or just maybe I really love her voice actor cuz its was Kawashima Rino, she was my favorite Eroge seiyuu.
        And actually I liked artstyle too. And soundtracks was very good too. The hell, everything was so perfect! Its like everyting was stacked! I did play a lot of novels, but its only one who leave such impression.

        Well, anyway. Ai will be first who gonna be translated, so it doesnt actually matter who’s gonna be next after her.

        Thank you for choosing to translate this eroge!


  13. Anime_Fan says:

    Question, have you considered translating Anekouji Naoko to Gin’iro no Shinigami at some point? Seems like it’s also in the same universe as this vn and Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!


      1. Gerry says:

        you should be dropped for having no taste.There is literally a girl for ANY type that you’d want. My Favorite is either the drunk or the neat and proper book girl.


      2. Wouldn’t say I didn’t like it. I got through two routes, vaguely enjoyed them but then I got bored so I just never bothered picking it back up again


    1. Gerry says:

      It’s so damn funny. Read some of it and it’s just, omg I can’t believe what’s going on with this story. Very similar to Majikoi and from what I’ve read, this one.


  14. Anime_Fan says:

    That’s a shame, really. You should try it again sometime. I admit, there were some routes that I didn’t care to do, and only did them (Skip text) to open up other routes. 😛


  15. HuckleMyBerries says:

    I’ve been trying to start it but all I get is a notification that says that “A debugger is running in your system. Please unload from memory and restart”. Is anyone else getting this and does anyone know how to get around it? Also is the cracker supposed to create a BAK file of the .exe file?


      1. HuckleMyBerries says:

        Yup it was my antivirus along with the fact that I was previously trying to work this on the fan disc thinking it was the right one…. Thanks


  16. Leonhart says:

    Great work with the translation so far. All I can say is that it’s really well done and it seems to have a lot of heart put into it. Hopefully, you guys will be translating Ai’s route first, since the game is so very focused on her, it’s difficult to not want to do her route first.


      1. Anime_Fan says:

        Which I’m fine with since that was pretty much the order I was intending to play, except save the sister route for last.


  17. Mixrandom says:

    Maki’s best girl so far as I can see. Not really digging how slanted the game is in Ai’s favor and the prevalence she has in the common route, but as others have said her name’s in the title for a reason.

    Having come off of Majikoi and it’s numerous sequels I can definitely see this is similar, but different. It feels fresh, and I like all the characters already.

    You guys did a great job on this patch. I know others did but I didnt experiece any problems applying the patch. Everything went smoothly. The delinquents speech was captured very well. With that said, I’ve never played the game in Japanese, but everything they said feels like it fits them.
    Looking forward to seeing what’s to come.


  18. Nyan (>^^)> says:

    I played the entire the patch up to the first branch choice. There’s some grammer mistakes here and there. However, overall the text flows nicely. Good job guys.


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