Hatsukoi 1/1 – Full English Patch (Main Game + Append Scenarios)

Hi there laddies, it’s been a long time. I’m pretty tired so I’ll keep it short.

I bring you the final full patch for Hatsukoi 1/1. This patch includes all the Append Scenarios (Maya/Kyou/Yukino), and the main game, with the Common/Midori/Runa routes re-edited.

It’s now finally time for us to start on Hoshi Ori. There are still a few small issues we need to figure out, but I don’t expect those to be of any significance.

Anyhow, you can find the patch here.

Enjoy, and see you next time.

Hatsukoi 1/1 – Full English Patch (Main Game + Append Scenarios)

35 thoughts on “Hatsukoi 1/1 – Full English Patch (Main Game + Append Scenarios)

  1. Flutz says:


    First of all, good work and thank you so much for this, really appreciate you translating even the append scenarios of Hatsukoi 1/1

    Secondly, would it be alright to just copy and paste the patch, replacing the previous patch? Or do I need a fresh install for it to work?

    Thank you in advance and I’ll be eagerly waiting for your next release!


  2. Painkiller says:

    Seriously guys, you did an awesome work! I waited for Yukino’s append scenario for so long! Thank you very much. I’m looking forward to HO too!


      1. I’m sorry, but I can’t. This project may be a good opportunity for you to become more adept at photoshop. Most of my photoshop ability was actually built up through working on image edits for Hatsukoi and Tsujidou, so it should be possible for you as well

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  3. ktang200 says:

    Can someone upload this patch onto Mega? I know Irru got his Mega nuked, but it would be great if someone else did it. My ISP is pretty anal about torrents and I would love to play this patch. Thanks in advance!


  4. Rando says:

    Hey, guys. Having a bit of a problem with installation. Got the DMM version of the game and extracted the patch to what I’m pretty sure is the right folder, replacing all files when prompted. However, when I run the launcher, the game asks me to insert a disc in order to continue and boots me out when I try to click past it. If you need more deets on the problem, please let me know in your reply.

    Any idea if there’s a way to get around this problem? Waited ages for the full, polished translation and it’s kinda depressing that I can’t get the damned thing running after all this time.


  5. Xihuhu says:

    Firstly, thank you for your hard work.
    I did what you said, i extracted everything in hatsukoi’s root folder but now everytimes i use the launcher, the game crash : ” Siglus (visuelart’s (+ japanese writting) stoped to work ”
    So i tried did it on another file and now i got some message and i have to press ok a lot of times then it ask me to put the disk.
    Hoping for a reply, sorry for my bad english and thanks in advance


  6. Came from Sankaku after seeing the news and… FUCKING THANKS A LOT GUYS!!
    Now can play it again in English and compare it to the first playthrough I did time ago, this made my day, for sure.



  7. Rando says:

    Sorry to be a nuisance, but I just want to bump my old post. Still having the issue where the game asks me to insert a disc, despite purchasing the digital version of the game via DMM. If anyone knows a work-around for this particular issue, please, please, PLEASE let me know.

    If you need additional info, let me know in a reply and I’ll be happy to clarify for you. Read my previous post if you need to know what steps I’ve already attempted in order to rectify this problem.


  8. I have the same Problem, i downloaded this Patch, installed the Game and it works fine. But know i wonder… how the Hell do you start the Append After Storys??
    I finished Kyou´s Route Today, but when i come back to the Menu, there is nothing ( i saw the Screenshot from the Side where you can download the Maya/Kyou Append Patch only).
    I didnt have finished any other Route yet, and in the Datas for the Game was 1 Thing with ” Yukino V 1,0″ but the Data from it is already in the Main Hatsukoi Root.
    But i found nothing that indicates the Data for Maya and Kyous Append Story, so i try to download the Patch and copy the Datas in the Main Root too…


    1. Edit for my First Comment vom 17. November: I Finished know Hatsukoi 1/1 completly, but i still dont see the New Option to play the Apprend After Storys.
      Then i want to ask ( and pls dont take it in a bad way). Why do we get a Translation for those After Storys if we cant play them? Did you also need the Original Japanese Version for it?
      If that is the Case, it would be Nice if someone would give those Datas. I Tryed to search for them but i found nothing, and even when i click by vndb on the Link for the Apprend Discs, it brings me to Hatsukois Japanese Web Side. It links you to a Section which has some Sort of Links, but if i click on them, nothing happens ( it cant connect me).
      You also dont get the Apprend Discs on DMM as Download, and there is no Solution for this Problem anywhere on the Net.

      So, if someone know what to do, or can share the Apprend Disc Datas, it would be Nice. I really want to see Those After Storys, especially Mayas.


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