Hatsukoi 1/1 Progress Update #2

As I stated last time, bold are updates, lines that are ‘finished’ have been translated, proofread, tlc’d and proofread again.

‘Lines’ in the overview below are not all “text” lines. SiglusEngine (the engine used for this VN) counts the name field for the person who’s speaking, scripting text, and all other sorts of stuff as lines as well. So just keep that in mind when comparing the length of this VN to others.

Prologue: 5039.0 lines of 5039.0 finished = 100.0%
Common: 11217.0 lines of 23670.0 finished = 47.39%
Midori: 0 lines of 21282.0 finished = 0.0%
Yukino: 0 lines of 21229.0 finished = 0.0%
Runa: 0 lines of 34594.0 finished = 0.0%
Kyou: 0 lines of 24782.0 finished = 0.0%
Maya: 0 lines of 31035.0 finished = 0.0%
Total: 16256.0 of 161631.0 finished = 10.06%

As you can see, quite some progress in two weeks. The next week however is going to be somewhat slower, thanks to real life being a pain in the ass.

As an example of MC’s phone (and what we need to translate/edit), here’s a small video.

-Irru !!vYUCXEu7iJn

Hatsukoi 1/1 Progress Update #2

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