Tsujidou-san no Jun’ai Road Update #26

Hi there, not a lot to talk about (again).

Common Route Part 1: 100.0%
Common Route Part 2: 100.0%
Ai: 100.0%
Renna: 0.0%
Maki: 86.78%
Saeko: 0.0%
Total: 71.18%

We breached the 70% mark in total progress, so that’s something I guess. We’re done with the H-scenes for Maki, so with some luck the translation will be done in two weeks. Then there will be one week of checking stuff, so who knows, we might release Maki’s patch this year.

Tsujidou-san no Jun’ai Road Update #26

About the future

So, I don’t know if many of you visit /vn/, or if many of you visit Trip’s rant blog. I figured I’d summarize what Trip talked about in his most recent post that wasn’t part of his ranting. I do encourage you to read it, he does talk about Maki route a bit, but you can skip those spoilers easily.

Basically, it boils down to this. Trip doesn’t really like Tsujidou (the VN) as much as Hatsukoi. To quote his most recent post; ‘the writing style in Tsujidou and the protagonist are a goddamn pain in the ass.’ He likes Maki’s route even less; I won’t talk about why in here, just go read his blog to find out if you don’t mind spoilers. Anyhow, the major point is that Tsujidou isn’t liked as much as we had expected/hoped. I’m pretty neutral on it, but I do have to agree that I am not liking it as much as I had initially thought.

Now, what does this mean for the future? Let me be clear and say that we will not be dropping Tsujidou-san no Jun’ai Road. Don’t worry, we won’t do that to you. What’s more important is what comes after that.

Up until now, I’ve basically been saying that we’ll be doing Tsujidou-san no Virgin Road and Gin’Iro, Haruka after Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai. After reading Trip’s most recent post, it was clear to me that I shouldn’t have done that. It’s easy for me to say what we/(I?) want to do, but honestly – and this shouldn’t need to be said – Triplicate easily does the most of the work out of us two, so I really am in no position to make those claims, which is why I’m making this post right now.

The future, as it is now, looks like this.

  1. Finish Tsujidou-san no Jun’ai Road
  2. Hatsukoi 1/1 Appends (Bonus content – which is basically just more H-scenes – for Yukino, Maya, and Kyou)
  3. Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai

After that, who knows? Like Trip says, ‘And so my plans after Hoshi Ori are still flexible. Assuming I don’t just retire from VN translation at that point. Hoshi Ori might be my peak. It’s why I started in the first place, after all.’ We might just call it quits after Hoshi Ori. We might do Virgin Road, we might do Gin’Iro Haruka, and we might even skip to Tone Work’s’ Mysterious 4th Project. We might do something else entirely. Basically, we don’t know what we will do.

Again I realize that I’ve been parading around saying whatever I wanted, especially after considering the huge mountain of work we have ahead of us looking at the length of Hoshi Ori. We most likely will not finish that in 2018, so that should say plenty.

So yeah, that’s basically where we/Triplicate stand(s) as of now. I guess it’s part because of me just saying whatever I wanted, part because Tsujidou has been a bit disappointing (moreso for Trip) so far that this had to be said.

That’s all for me for now. By the time the next update rolls around, I’ll be back home, so I’ll be doing it again.

See ya next Sunday.

About the future