Gin’iro Haruka Update – Dropped


Wish I had better news.

If you were in the Discord, you probably already noticed that Trip has decided to drop GinHaru. He felt absolutely no enjoyment in it anymore, and as such decided to stop working on it.

I, however, still want to complete the VN. If you are a translator (or know someone), please hop in the newly created Discord channel, and give me a shout.

Link to discord: Link

That being said, it’s been fun. We had a good run, but everything must come to an end.

I’ll see you out there, somewhere.

Gin’iro Haruka Update – Dropped

33 thoughts on “Gin’iro Haruka Update – Dropped

  1. siotechua says:

    It’s such a waste though starting the translation and ending it without finishing wanna lose hope of playing this game, especially when I was really hyped when trip finally picked up Gin’iro Haruka 😭😭


  2. siotechua says:

    I’m really disappointed right now because of the unfinished translation that trip has finally picked up. It just waste of time translating this game and ending it without finishing it. A lot of people were finally happy when you picked it up, but a lot of us were mostly disappointed when trip has suddenly drop the game translation


    1. baraescudu says:

      he has the right to do whatever he want you wanna know why because he is doing it for free honestly tho you should be more then grateful for amount of work he has done for the community stop being a greedy dickhead


  3. Shaun says:

    You really should finish what you started, no one is going to trust you for any future translations if you drop it like this, you’re pretty much ending your translation hobby since I doubt anyone wants a translator that isn’t trustworthy.

    You don’t have much more to go for the rest of the routes.


    1. God you’re a cunt. Come onto the site of people doing literally thousands of hours of hard work for you for free and demand they keep working when they don’t find it enjoyable anymore. Fuck you. Learn some god-damn empathy.

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    2. Quit being so entitled.

      The man translated 3 fucking VNs for you. How many other fan translators of VNs out there are there who could hold a candle to that? Saying shit like his reputation will somehow be ruined is just a petty way of making him do something you want (Not to mention that when it comes to the English market, they’ll pretty much accept any translations they can get)

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    3. Hyamtaro says:

      Sheesh, asshole much? As much as a disappointment it is to see this being dropped, the translators (or anyone for that matter) are not, in any way, obligated to finish nor even continue to provide such services to the public, especially when people like you who feel they’re entitled to something without even providing anything in return spouts such nonsense.

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    4. baraescudu says:

      such an asshole these guys have done so much for us for nothing in return yet people like you exist and trash for no reason fucking cunt


  4. Sweden says:

    I see alot of you entitled little bitches. You especially shaun. It was a fan translation. They don’t get payed shit, so it’s on their free time. Fucking idiots.


  5. Despite the entitled comments you might see around these days, you don’t own people anything, it’s fine to drop projects! Health comes first and foremost, and burnout can be one hell of a force.
    My best wishes to Trip on whatever endeavor he takes up next, translation-wise or unrelated, and to Irru on finding a translator that’s qualified for the job. It can be difficult to meet the right person, but with perseverance and patience you’ll eventually have a skilled translator ready to knock down the last routes.
    And of course, thanks for everything both of you have done in the past!


  6. it's cool says:

    Unfortunate news but understandable. You guys have translated so much over the past few years so I’m not sure why people are acting like ungrateful assholes. Honestly, if I was an available translator and looked at the comments in this post, I’d lose interest at seeing how this community treat people who have done them service.

    Wish you guys all the best in whatever you do next, fan translation or otherwise. Here’s to hoping that there will be a translator willing to lend a hand despite everything.

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  7. JustAnOnion says:

    Can’t believe how selfish these comments are. They’ve been doing this consistently for free this whole time, of course they’re gassed. They are under no obligation to us to finish this or do anything. Of course I’m disappointed too, but I just wish the tsurezure memberes luck in their future endeavors. Taking care of yourself is important.


  8. Esys Rem says:

    And ofc the most the most anticipated route for me wasn’t even touched.My luck as usual.
    But yes it was to be expected. It felt forced. If they give it the Hoshiori treatment i think it would be finished by now.


  9. ottarofan11 says:

    Really sad, but sometimes things like that happen.Translations are extra work after all, and you won’t get paid for it, so if you don’t have fun or another reason to do so it will feel more like a hassle. Still, thanks for the hard work Trip and it’s nice to hear that you don’t want to stop working on Giniro Haruka ^^

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  10. kcapo02 says:

    It’s really sad to read this, but its understandable, I would like to thank Trip for all the hard work he have been doing over all this years, giving us the opportunity to read some VN that maybe would never be translated . So thanks for all your effort I wish you luck!

    And for the rest of team I hope you find someone and continue the project, If u can’t I will still thank u guys for all that u guys have done.


  11. Rize says:

    well that’s totally a shame really, i love the vn so much and still waiting for another translated route especially for the mizuha. I want to finish the game till the end and I hope you can finish the translation but still though, I just like everyone here that really disappointed

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  12. negoksa says:

    Thank you for all the work you did. hopefully someone will pick up the mantle and finish this title
    All things must come to and end and we can only thank trip for his quality work on so many vn’s.
    Maybe he needs a change of pace, i really like tone’s work but i can see why you’d be burned out by them. Hopefully trip will stumble upon something he wants to work on, or not and as such we wish him a good return in the ranks of us simple readers.


  13. Bethlyy says:

    damn even though i only care about bethly it really sad coz im kinda curious about mizuha xD anyway thanks so much for all the work! i hope you can finish it sometimes!


  14. Mario says:

    Thank you for your work on this game & the other titles before that. I’m still very happy we get to play it in partial at all.
    All the best for the future!


  15. Cheeyeo says:

    Thanks you guys for all the hard work on all these visual novel translations! Hopefully somebody will be able to finish off the rest of the VN in the future, but if this is the end then best of luck to all you guys!

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  16. Littleowen says:

    Well drat, id be a shame to end it on that note but in any case i’m thankful for all you guys have done, so regardless of what happens i appreciate the good times you gave me. Best of luck!


  17. alpalin says:

    Welp back to waiting and hoping i guess. Thanks Trip and other staff members for your work so far. I hope someone capable picks this up. Please notify from here if you guys drop this entirely. I didn’t read it so far so i would at least read translated parts then.

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  18. aprilia1k says:

    Godspeed, as they say.

    No f’in idea what that means exactly, but the sentiment seems clear enough.
    TsureZure have been, among the fan-TL’d content I’ve encountered, far and away the best, most professional TL’rs around – in fact, I’d include a couple dozen “official” translations as well. Clarity, consistence across routes, seldom if ever were there questions about the TL accuracy either. You guys have been a class act. Damn – another year or so, if I can increase the kanji vocabulary (substantially), I’ll be giving it a go – Dog-willing. (so I like dogs).
    Cheers to both of you – and urrim, thanks for being willing to step in to the unknown again – we’re all behind both you guys, as far as I can tell… with very few exceptions.

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  19. Archer says:

    Well, thats a real shame, I dont really know the staff, but the problem was always this trip guy, kinda mad he made us wait so much just to drop it at the end, not taking responsabilty in what you do is a dick move, but thanks anyways, specially the ones who still want to finish this REALLY good vn, I loved it a lot, Mizuha was my favorite so kinda sad I wont get to see that one. Best of luck to you guys! Hope you can find another traslator and again thanks for your hard work.


    1. Darth Steel says:

      Trip is the actual translator – not much they can do without him. He’s a great translator, but he works when he wants to and he doesn’t care about money so you can’t pay him to work when he doesn’t want to. I’m bummed that he dropped this, but I’m hoping he’ll be motivated to translate someone else – because as other people have said, these guys put out some of the best translations I’ve ever read, and that includes comparing them against “official” translations.

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  20. baraescudu says:

    please don’t take the negative comments into consideration you have done so much for us and we can’t thank you enough for the amount of work that you did for the community for literally nothing we love you and hope for the best of luck you all


  21. Null0n says:

    Just about to start playing this. I’m glad you released each route as they were done rather than waiting for the whole VN to be complete so we can at least play through the routes that are finished.

    Disappointed that Trip ended up dropping this, but still looking forward to the 3 complete routes, which I’m sure will be high quality, based on your previous work on ToneWorks’ and other devs’ titles. If it gets picked back up I’ll definitely come back to play the other routes.


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