New Project: Tsujidou-san no Jun’ai Road


We’ve been teasing a new project for a while now, and now we can finally announce it. We will be doing Tsujidou-san no Jun’ai Road after we finish Hatsukoi 1/1.

You can read more about this VN on the VNDB page here.

Also, we’ve made a small sneak peek patch for you guys to enjoy. It’s not QC’d that much, so there might be some issues with it.

Here it is.

We hope you like our new project, we’re certainly very excited about it.

New Project: Tsujidou-san no Jun’ai Road

59 thoughts on “New Project: Tsujidou-san no Jun’ai Road

  1. Dantexy says:

    Not even kidding when i say this, this was the only game i was hoping that would pop up as the next translation,im actually shocked. pls much luv ❤


  2. DSKS says:

    I can’t believe my eyes! First you translate hatsukoi and now you are takeing this?! I can’t even expres how grateful I’m. I was hopeing that someone will take it, but it never happend, and now you are going to translate it. I love you guys, good luck and thanks for your grate job.


  3. bsk13hj says:

    Oh. My. God.
    It is indeed a great project. I love you guys.

    Btw, though it’s impudent question, but did you plan also translate Tsujidou-san no Virgin Road ? I read it, and Yoiko one of the best thing in that series.


  4. Lee says:

    Ooo this looks like Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai and I loved playing it. In general looks like a great choice. Thanks for the work on hatsukoi 1/1 guys. Your speed is incredible! ❤


  5. Ernovace says:

    If you are still interested about the Hoshi Ori translation and worried about the LIME factor, why not just translate the backlog? Honestly the LIME message duration was very small so it is not easy to always read the message when it appeared on it. But when you check Log, the messages are all there. In that case, while it might be a bit inconvenient for the readers, they can just scroll up and check them. Since this will happen more than usual anyway because of the short duration of the LIME messages. How about it?


  6. Woah! As someone who already read this in Japanese, this is pretty exciting news. This and Virgin Road were really refreshing reads after running out of Majikoi to read. I’ve been hyping this up to all my friends so hopefully they’ll be able to enjoy this too in the future. Looking forward to your work!


  7. Serprine says:

    I don’t know this VN but it look interesting. I’m going to read it anyway if you guys are the one translating this. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.


  8. Alchemicalhaze says:

    Thank you for all the hard work in both Hatsukoi 1/1 and in giving us a sneek peek of this, really apreciate it! Quick question, I tried to save at the first choice, right before sneek peek ended, and got a bunch of error message before it took me to save screen,where it wouldn’t let me save. Just want to know if I am having issues with my copy of game, or if it is the sneek peek patch not letting me save? Thank you.


      1. littleshogun says:

        I see. Good luck on Tsujidou project then, and I’ll keep my eyes on this project just like Hatsukoi (I’d already made the thread about this project back at Fuwanovel). Oh, and by the way thanks to mention my thread back at your blog Triplicate.


  9. HuckleMyBerries says:

    Gyaru and delinquent girls dont get enough love so this is a good surprise. But my god one of those side characters look like a very buff brazilian man in a miniskirt


  10. Decay says:

    I’ve been wanting this one for a while!

    It’s a game full of slang and colorful language, I hope you guys can produce a translation to match it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  11. God Bless You guys!! Finaly, somebody decided to translate it! Can’t believe it actually happened! And here i am, just out of boredom went to vndb and just on a hunch typed “tsujidou”, not expecting anything… And couldn’t believe when i saw THAT! Thank You very much, It’s awesome news! I just hope this project will survive to the end and will not be dropped like it was back year (or something like) ago. Best of luck you guys, and thanks again!


  12. Arkado says:

    Wow, im so excited! I was so sad when the last attempt at a fan translation failed a few years ago. Best of luck to the whole team!


  13. davidsev137 says:

    Hi everyone, here the game does not open in Windows 10 1703, I installed the game update 1.03 and it worked, it would be a good idea to translate the game based on this version


    1. Anime_Fan says:

      I was able to download the 1.03 update and used it, and you’re right, their translation patch won’t work on 1.03, I can always go back to 1.00, it’s not a big deal, but I’m using Windows 7.


      1. davidsev137 says:

        I was able to use the translation in version 1.03, updated and cracked the game, then copied the “arc0.dat” and “script.dat” files to the game folder and ran on Windows 10 1703.


  14. Alchemicalhaze says:

    Just ordered game from through shipping proxy treasure-japan. Paid ¥5,480 JPY which converted to $50.35 USD for the game. I will get back to you on the price for shipping proxy and my experience with treasure-japan. This is my first time importing from Japan through a shipping proxy, so I am a little nervous, but since the copy of game I Obtained from the now dead sukebei.nyaa to play sneek peek was giving me major DRM issues, and I would really like to support Minato, I decided to try something I have always been to nervous to try doing. I am really looking forward to Reading this VN, Thanks for all your hard work TSUREZURE SCANS!


      1. Alchemicalhaze says:

        I was able to to play sneek peek, but when I tried to save, a bunch of error messages popped up, and would not let me save. when I tried opening the game a second time something popped up on my internet browser that asked for serial, I exited out of that, and the game wouldn’t open again, even when I reinstalled it. It don’t matter since I already ordered the game. there are a few other games that I have wanted to order from japan (talking about majikoi of course;).), but have always backed out at the last second due to not knowing much about shipping proxys, so this is a good chance to try it out.


  15. Funny, someone started TLing this shortly after I was done reading it.
    I wish ya luck, mi amigos. Also, shoutout to best girl, Renna.

    Are ya folks on Discord or something? There’s a few questions I’d like to throw at ya ^_^


    1. urrim says:

      Pretty sure Trip is on a discord, but I have no idea which one. We usually also lurk on /vn/ but we’re banned right now lol.


  16. Zerael says:

    Really, I’m just crying. Its my favorite eroge. And I never expected that Tsujidou gonna to be translated…
    If you could translate it until July (or atleast Ai route), its could be nice bd gift.

    Good luck with translation. And thank you for choosing this novel.


  17. Wow… you guys do meant business! just got back to VN world again and saw Hatsukoi 1/1, inspecting the progress update and was like damn that’s fast! and now this? is there any patreon page or donation link?



    Minatosoft is the best and I’ve been hankering for this game since it was first released! Delinquents are my favorite setting gimmick for some reason, so I was especially hyped about this.


  19. Thotagamus says:

    I agree with the previous comments, the fandisk seems to have some really interesting routes and after finishing the original game and loving it I can’t help but ask if there’s still any plans on going forward with Virgin road.


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