Tsujidou-san no Jun’ai Road Update #6 (Full Common Route Patch)

Hi there.

Like we promised last week, here’s the common route fully translated. The second part of the common route is significantly shorter, and is also pretty segmented. You’ll find out when you read it.

First things first, here’s the progress for this week.

Common Route Part 1: 100.0%
Common Route Part 2: 100.0%
Ai: 0.0%
Renna: 0.0%
Maki: 0.0%
Saeko: 0.0%
Total: 19.31%

Common Route Patch: Click here. This file includes the translation, the game’s executable, the crack, and the SD assets. If you play above a certain resolution, then the main menu won’t be translated.

High res assets: Click here. You will still need the file above, these are merely the HD assets, which will translate the main menu in higher resolutions.

The file below is only needed if you can’t get your game to run. We’ve had several reports that this patch is needed on PCs with Windows10 and nvidia GPUs.

Patch 1.0.3 + Crack: Click here. Please install our patch first, then the 1.0.3 patch in this 7z. A readme is included.

If you still run into any issues, please let us know here or on /vn/.

That’s it for me, Trip will start work on Ai’s route next week, so it’ll be a while before the next patch. The common route has 16199 lines, whilst Ai’s route has 25397.

That’s all for me this week, see you next time.


Tsujidou-san no Jun’ai Road Update #6 (Full Common Route Patch)

35 thoughts on “Tsujidou-san no Jun’ai Road Update #6 (Full Common Route Patch)

  1. Damiero says:

    Based on simple math the vn is roughly 84,000 lines, half of which is Ai’s and the common. Out of curiousity do the 3 other girls have similar route lengths (14k or so) or is one significantly shorter? I’m hoping Renna and Maki have longer routes as well. Anyways, thanks for the patch I’m really enjoying this vn.


  2. Nyan (>^^)> says:

    I’ve had some issues in this patch which I didn’t have in the previous patch.

    When I go back to the logs after loading a save file, it will crash the game. It also doesn’t seem to load the log correctly too.
    http://puu.sh/wzveQ.jpg Is what part of the log looks like on crash.


      1. Anime_Fan says:

        Confirmed. Started a new game, skipped to the part where I had saved where the first part of the translated common route ended, saved the game, and it works fine.


    1. Mixrandom says:

      It crashed for me when I tried I tried loading a normal save, but when I loaded an autosave (or quick save, I forget) it worked fine.


  3. HuckleMyBerries says:

    Thanks, its great so far but I thiiink there might have been a translation error. Maybe. Right when they go to the amusement park a few lines in Tsujidou says [ Don’t worry, we wont go to the expensive ones ] followed by [ We’ll start off with this 360 meter vertical drop one…] and Hase being scared.

    Wouldnt it be “Don’t worry, we wont go to the tall/high ones” given the context? Since the word takai means both tall and expensive.


  4. Strife says:

    Strange, I install the Common route patch, then the 1.03 patch and then I crack and the game starts translated and all…but then I suddenly get red windows with stuff like “vo/011/S011_S2_0001.ogg No such file or directory” or “vo/442/S442_A_0001.ogg No such file or directory”.

    After a few of those windows pop up the game eventually crashes.

    Sometimes I can read the novel for like 3 minutes but it always crashes in the end.

    Bad install? Some patching issue? Maybe related to crack?

    Thanks in advance 🙂


      1. Strife says:

        Nah, I installed the game, then put the content of the Common route patch into the game folder, then put the content of the patch 1.03 in the same folder and finally patched the indicated in the readme exe file with the crack.

        The game then starts and all is translated with no issues…aside from the popping windows with messages and the game eventually shutting down.



  5. Anime_Fan says:

    I played going for Maki’s route. I sense…great impending drama involving Maki and Ai at some point in Maki’s route.


    1. Gerry says:

      Same here. My favorite part though Hiro – “Yeah, I’m just wet and feeling a little down” Maki – “hmm, wet huh?” and what follows after that. Laughed my ass off. Maki is FANTASTIC.


      1. Anime_Fan says:

        When I started to go Maki’s route, it seemed like the game was telling me “Bitch, I KNOW you just didn’t start playing Maki’s route instead of Ai, RIGHT?!”

        Me: “Well, yea-”

        Game: “RIGHT?!”

        Me: “Umm…”

        Game: “Load that earlier save and play the RIGHT ROUTE, RIGHT NOW.”

        Seriously, I wouldn’t have been surprised if Ai’s gang members appeared on screen saying that to me. It’s like the game REALLY wants you to play Ai’s route. lol.


      1. bobbyboy925 says:

        Sorry, I just realized how dumb my first comment sounds. The problem I’m having is that the error listed above keeps popping up as I go through the game. It changes slightly every time it pops up though, for instance vo/12 and vo/34. After a couple of these pop up the game crashes. Now the game seems to run fine without any translation patches. But whenever I add any of your patches whether it be the 1.03 or just the full common route patch this bug occurs. Sorry again for the miscommunication any help would be appreciated.


      2. urrim says:

        Sounds like there’s a problem with either arc0 or arc2.dat. Try redownloading our patch, or in the worst case, try only using script.dat


  6. Datenshi01 says:

    So, I got a problem with the “save” and “load” function. Whenever I try to save, some windows are popping up making it unable for me to save although Q.save and Q.load are working. How can I fix the problem. Thanks in advance! 🙂


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