Hatsukoi 1/1 Progress Update #17 – Full Patch

There it is. After seventeen weeks we can now finally proudly release the full Hatsukoi 1/1 patch.

I’m not one for words, so I’ll keep it short. Trip told me he wanted to translate something cute to fill the void that Nisekoi left us. He originally found Hoshi Ori, which I veto’d, cause it’d be too long a VN for our first project.

We then decided to take a look at tone work’s’s other visual novels, and then he discovered Hatsukoi 1/1. After experimenting a bit we got the text insertion working, and we decided to actually go for it. Seventeen weeks later, and here we are.  I liked working on this VN. As you might know we come from manga, so working on something this big really was quite fresh.

I could go on and on but Trip’s thought on our entire process match my own pretty much, so I’ll just link you to his blog.

There’s also a review on his review blog, but it will contain spoilers so be careful if you haven’t read the VN yet.

Some have asked me for my rankings of the girls and the routes; I won’t go into detail like Trip, but here it is.

Runa > Maya > Kyou > Midori > Yukino

Runa > Maya = Yukino > Kyou > Midori

For now – although useless when you consider the title of this post – here is our final progress update. As always, text in bold are updates.

Prologue: 100.0%
Common: 100.0%
Midori: 100.0%
Yukino: 100.0%
Runa: 100.0%
Kyou: 100.0%
Maya: 100.0%
Total: 100.0%

Yes; Total: 100% looks pretty nice if you ask me.

Anyway, onto the important stuff. As always, there are three files you can download.

Manual Install: Please use this file if you don’t trust random executables from the internet (very smart). In this 7z there are two folders. Please read the readme as to how to use the manual patch.

Automatic Install – Fresh: Use this executable if you have not used one of our previous patches. Just run the installer and point it to the Hatsukoi 1/1 folder.

Automatic Install – Yukino: Use this executable if you have used one of our previous patches. Just run the installer and point it to the Hatsukoi 1/1 folder.

I just got word the automatic patches aren’t working correctly. Please download the 7z archive for now. We will update the automatic patches asap.

As always, if you find any errors in the script, just notify us on /vn/ or in a reply on this blog. We’ll update the links every so often, or maybe post a new link just for the script.

We would also like to thank everyone who has supported us throughout these seventeen weeks, especially /vn/ where both Trip and I are pretty much lurking 24/7. They’re a weird bunch but we love them nonetheless.

We’d also like to thank our hacker whom we got into contact with through the fuwanovel forums. I haven’t asked him if he wants to be named explicitly, if he wishes for that we’ll include him here. Just know that we’re very grateful.

That will be all for us for now. We will now take a much deserved rest of one to two weeks, and then we’ll start on Tsujidou for real.

We hope you will enjoy Hatsukoi 1/1, and we’ll see you in a few weeks with our first Tsujidou progress update.



Hatsukoi 1/1 Progress Update #17 – Full Patch

152 thoughts on “Hatsukoi 1/1 Progress Update #17 – Full Patch

  1. Arkado says:

    I just installed Tsujidou to try out the Sneak Peek(Peak) patch and during the install I ran into a few dialog boxes which I didn’t understand. Is it possible that you could give me a quick overview of the options and if it is anything that I should change? I included a few pics. under the link.


      1. Arkado says:

        Ok but is there any way to make the last one go away at startup? Or do I have to choose my resolution every time I launch the game?


      2. Arkado says:

        Thank you. If it’s not too much to ask, what does the other options on that same window mean? Apart from the resolution and aspect ratio ofcourse.


  2. Hikoboshi says:

    Thank you very much for your hard work and good luck with the Tsujidou translation (and maybe that Hoshi Ori one…cof cof…).
    Love you guys.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. kidlat020 says:

    Some of the VN’s soundtracks are very good. I could totally listen for hours on this.

    I-it’s not like I’m asking for its OST or anything, okay?


  4. Aslak says:

    Wow, thank you for all your hard work. I’ve been reading through the VN and it seems you guys did a really good job. I especially liked that you went through the extra mile to edit the text messages to look as nice as they do


  5. Zerael says:

    You gonna translate Tsujidou? YAY! That’s my favorite eroge so far. Thank you so much.
    Its could be good if you translate Ai route first. Cuz I cant wait play it in english.

    And one question, to be sure, are you gonna translate fandisc aswell?


  6. ArkTicSS says:

    finishing Maya and Runa routes makes me realize that this game is better than DC2, which I always ranked it as the best moege for me(DC2 > DC3)

    Now Tone work’s is my new favorite company from Circus, Yypemoon & Yuzusoft

    Thank you so much for translating this masterpiece

    I really love how you edit all of the picture, which must be a lot of work.
    Your translation speed is amazing too.

    I’m really looking forward to the next game you’re going to translate(Hope the next game after Tsujidou will be tone work’s game 🙂 )

    sorry for bad grammar but I still want to write this to thank your team anyway


  7. Hamster'sDam says:

    It’s thanks to people like you that I can rest easy at night. Keep up the good work, if not then thanks for leaving a mark on Translation History


  8. Hamster'sDam says:

    I can’t seem to use this. I used an unnoficial game using a crack, but once i use the patch I can’t play the game.


  9. Jun Damdy says:

    Hatsukoi 1/1
    [2017/05/14 09:08:56.0820]

    マウスカーソル _cursor00 が見つかりませんでした。

    [Support Info]
    You can copy this message by pressing Ctrl+C on your keyboard.

    Can you tell me how to get pass this. Sorry, I’m not the brightest…


  10. What is the best place to get the game it self, legally, as none of the illegal ones seem like a good idea at this point? Bite the bullet and get it from DMM japan?


  11. hey guys, i wanna say thanks for the fully patch.. but i got some problem everytime i opened the launcher after i patched the hatsukoi folder there’s a notification like :
    Hatsukoi 1/1
    [2017/05/15 11:29:59.0095]


    [Support Info]
    You can copy this message by pressing Ctrl+C on your keyboard.

    but the game were still able to run unpatched when i open the SiglusEngineCHS .. what i’ve done is just copying the fresh install + patch only to the hatsukoi folder with Paste & Replace for the same file command … maybe some of you guys won’t mind helping this noobs out 😀



    1. AvatarWan says:

      I also got the save problem.so i use google translator to understand it.You just need to delete the files inside the save folder of this game ( which is at C:\Users\\Documents\toneworks\Hatsukoi\savedata).
      Hope this will work.


    1. Meogii-さん says:

      You need to mount Disk 2 for the setup to continue. So as soon as it ask for disk 2, mount it and then continue with the setup to complete the installation.


  12. Hello! First of all, thanks for doing all this work! You did an amazing job for us leechers! That aside, I’m not sure of anywhere else to report errors so I’m just going to do it here.

    Very early on in the story, when Yuuma got his phone:
    [Oh! It’s aPiGMARiON] -> [Oh! It’s a PiGMARiON]

    That’s pretty much all I saw so far. Anyway, thanks!


  13. M1L0 says:

    Here is a little reminder. There is a choice in common route that will lock you to Runa’s route no matter what you do afterward. It’s the choice which allow Runa to eat Yukino fill in the cafeteria, which is not even in the walkthrough. Yes, I have encountered it. Even after i have chosen bloomer dvd and ask tsukishima, it still locked on Runa.


  14. Ak says:

    How do I switch the font over to those? I remember being asked to pick a font but I can’t get that dialog box to open up again.


    1. dango_hime says:

      just click on the “change font” button in the text settings and you should be good, basically the same procedure as when wanting to mess with resolution and stuff. anyway, albeit little late to the party, but congrats to the team on getting hatsukoi in lightning speed.- your efforts are more than welcome and appreciated. from what i can tell after having re-read it now, your translation is definitely one of the more good around. sure there´re some, and will always be, who can´t quit whining about things aren´t as perfect as they could´ve been – honestly screw those. for a fan-translation, sth that´s voluntarily done, there´s seriously not much left to complain. no need having it compared to commercial works of a same kind, that´s just plain retarded. anyway wish you good luck on future endeavours & keep it fluffy!


  15. Pepe says:

    Thanks for the translation! I don’t have a huge log of VN I’ve read and finished but this has easily become one of the top for me. I’m a sucker for these kinds of VN. Hope I can get around to seeing news about the appends, but good luck with Tsujidou!


  16. Meogii-さん says:

    Hi guys, thanks again for the patch. I’ve run into a problem though. When I run the launcher it tells me that SiglusEngine has crashed. Is there anything I can do ?



  17. Einander says:

    Question. I know it’s somewhat unlikely at this point, but any chance you’ll translate the lyrics for the insert songs? I’m mostly curious about Footsteps on the Linoleum, because the phone message timeskip section in Midori’s route hit me hard. It really nailed that “things are falling apart, but it’s so hard to even admit that something’s wrong” aspect of young romance.

    (I was really disappointed to keep playing and find that timeskip+song was a standard aspect across the routes, because it just worked so well there, cheesy wailing guitar and all.)


    1. urrim says:

      Unfortunately, we couldn’t edit the ending movies so we had to leave them untranslated. I’ll get back to you with the translation.


  18. is this the end for the project??
    can you translate this add story hatsuko 1/1
    after”Promise Winter, Memorial Summer, & Summer days??
    i will be happy if you going to translate my request….

    # I will wait :3


  19. Raymond Xu says:

    Thanks for the patch. Just finished playing and it was amazing. I’m curious but will you guys translate the other patches that are extra routes for Maya, Kyou, and Yukino?


  20. Thyr says:

    I am finishing last route for me – Maya. I started to wonder why the only side character beside boys and teacher is Midori’s father, and no other parents or characters are made with visuals in other routes? What is so special about Midori’s father? Anyone knows?


    1. Thyr says:

      ok I take that back, so there is also ***Spoiler ALERT***ikeaS noiR***
      but damn I am so sad now that I finished the game :/ I feel like there is nothing left for me ;(
      Maya route was the best emotional route, and I can’t decide which one is my fav now.. Kyou or Maya ;/
      Please translate the additional disc whenever possible ;( This game is great! I wish they even made a sequel. The only downside of the game is that choices doesn’t really matter beside two where you decide which girl/dvd you want.


  21. Thyr says:

    lol they changed Kyoto mascot Tawawa into Tokyo tower one? but eiffel tower looking thing with legs would be strange lol ;o kyoto tower at least have “head” 😀 am I right?


  22. Yuu Kazuto says:

    Thank you very much for the translation ~!
    I really enjoyed and I’m loving it
    and I will wait for the Extra content
    again Thank you very much.


  23. kie says:

    I need help with the scene.pck everytime i replace it with the raw jap the game wont start and if i open it with the launcher it says that the scene.pck can’t be opened

    thanks for the help.


  24. Loksfox says:

    I wanted to praise the people that translate this game, i can tell how much effort and love went into this translation, the english flows nicely and there isn’t any error/typos, unless when it happens on purpose because it also happened in the original dialogue.
    My understanding of japanese has not yet reached the point where i can give an opinion on the accuracy of the translation though, so i won’t.

    Again, thanks for your hard work, i’m hard at study so i can also work in these kind of projects one day.


  25. Skinheadirl says:

    Protagonist is disgustingly retarded its like watching somebody operate on a brain cell holy moly what a ride and not even a semi fun ride i want to beat this game down into the dirt its a giant collection of unnecessary trash-can fires but nice job 10/10 i love you for translating it anyways love you folk


  26. Ann says:

    Hi! looking for the save files of the game in the roaming folder, in appdata, (now I know where they are) I found a folder named “SmartSteamEmu” and I deleted but every time I start the game it appears again. So I was wondering what is it, if I can leave it alone or something else…


  27. BMac says:

    Hi, I’m fairly new to the VN game and have only really gotten VNs from Steam, Sekai, Mofumoe, places like that, usually fully translated on download or with a patch included. I’m tryin to figure out where to buy Hatsukoi 1/1 online to use this patch, I’ve found the developers websites but they’re obviously in Japanese and I get stuck. Am I on the right path or what should I do? Thanks for all your hard work on the translation guys!


  28. meowzers says:

    After patching, I keep getting a launcher.exe – System Error: The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCP1000.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem. I uninstalled it and re-patched it a few times with the same error. Please help


    1. urrim says:

      Hi there, I saw your post in /vn/ as well. I assume that was you, anyway. Unfortunately I can’t really help you with this issue; it’s the first time I’ve heard of this happening.

      I could try to contact our hacker, see what he has to say, but don’t hold your breath.


      1. meowzers says:

        I just started playing Vn’s in the past month, but I do always post as this name. Any help would be much appreciated.


  29. I’ve been bumbling around trying to install Hatsukoi 1/1, and I’ve got the game installed and running, cracked and all, but it’s still in Japanese.

    Do I need to deinstall, reinstall, then apply the English patch before cracking?


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